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Music Terms in Psalms

In Psalms there are several words that are unique...most are not used anywhere else in the Bible.  Several of these words have obscure meanings - scholars still are not sure of some definitions.  Below I have listed these terms along with their meaning (if known), or possible meanings (if unsure).1,2

If you find a word in Psalms that you are unclear of its meaning, and it does not appear in this list; then please email the word to me (email available on my profile).  I will look it up and reply to you with its meaning or possible meanings, and add it to this list.

Alamoth - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: (1) a high pitch; (2) a tune for soprano voices; (3) for a women's choir/ensemble.  Hebrew root of the word means: (1) young women; (2) virgins.

Asaph - a Gershonite Levite choir leader in the time of David and Soloman - see 1 Chronicles 15:16-19; 16:1-7; 2 Chronicles 5:6,12.  Called a seer in 2 Chronicles 29:30.  His sons were made musicians - see 1 Chronicles 25:1-9.

Gittith - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: (1) a particular instrument; (2) a musical term; (3) a tune from Gath; (4) a song for the grape harvest.

Higgaion - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: (1) a device denoting a pause in an instrumental interlude; (2) a murmuring harp tone; (3) a deep sound or tone.

Mahalath - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: (1) a song tune; (2) a musical instrument; (3) a dance.  May be related to Hebrew word meaning: sickness.  Name of one of Esau's wives in Genesis 28:9 (a daughter of Ishmael); and one of Rehoboam's wives in 2 Chronicles 11:18 (King David's granddaughter).

Maskil - (1) to be prudent; (2) to have insight; (3) a contemplative, instructive or wisdom psalm.

Miktam - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: a plaintive style.

Muth-labben - musical term meaning: authority.

Selah - meaning is unsure (also used in Habakkuk 3:3,9,13).  Possibly means: (1) a musical notation; (2) pause, or a moment for silence; (3) a signal to fall prostrate in worship; (4) a word those worshipping speak; or (5) forever/eternally true. Related word, "Sela," used in 2 Kings 14:7 to refer to a place in Edom.

Sheminith - musical term meaning: instruments, or directions to use the instrument of eight strings.  Also appears in 1 Chronicles 15:21.

Shiggaion - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: (1) a passionate song with rapid changes of rhythm; (2) a dirge; (3) irregular.

Song of Ascents - meaning is unsure.  Possibly means: (1) songs pilgrims sang as they traveled the roads going up to worship in Jerusalem; (2) song rising in tone or intensity.  Psalms 120-134.

Sons of Asaph - see Asaph above.

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